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As a school counselor, we know that you are working hard to serve a number of talented, ambitious, and highly motivated high school students. We also know that many of these students are in some way undecided about their major and career goals. We'd like to share some information about how University Exploration (EXP), an academic program at The Ohio State University, can help these students!

EXP advisors help students find majors that align with their interests, abilities, values, and goals, while still making timely progress toward a degree. Students might identify themselves as undecided about a major for a multitude of reasons. EXP is a great option for students who:

  • Want to learn about the 200+ majors offered at Ohio State, plus minors and specializations
  • Have a few areas of interest but would like more time or information before committing to one
  • Would like to experience college-level coursework in a subject before declaring a major
  • Have a long-term goal, such as a professional program (law, medicine, pharmacy, etc.), but are not yet sure which major to pursue for their baccalaureate degree

You may be familiar with advising models w​​hich were utilized at Ohio State in the past, but EXP has gone through a series of changes and improvements in recent years! Advisors in EXP employ a range of developmental, proactive and intentional advising practices to support students in their first one to two years. Here are some quick facts about the advising experience in EXP and student outcomes:

  • Approximately 15% of incoming  first year students enroll through EXP each year
  • Approximately 25% of incoming transfer students enroll through EXP each year
  • EXP students take the same general education courses as other freshmen, which comprise about 5 0% of the required credit hours for most majors
  • Students who enter EXP as freshmen are retained and graduate at the same rate as students who enroll directly in degree-granting programs
  • EXP students successfully move in to every academic program at Ohio State

Should you have any questions about any of the information you find on this website, please feel free to email for more information.