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What advice do former Exploring students have for prospective students?

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I would tell the incoming students not to worry about being undecided. Very few of us truly know what we want to do when we come into college at age 17 or 18, and you'll soon see how many of your friends end up changing their majors. I took all GE courses my freshman year and will be graduating this spring after 4 years, as planned! (I actually could have graduated early.) Use all of the resources that will be at your fingertips, put your effort into it, and you'll find your place.

Candice Michel, Speech & Hearing Science (minors in Linguistics and Disability Studies), Class of 2013


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Make a weekly schedule for yourself, and be sure to include regular periods during which you use the tools handed to you by University Exploration to try and narrow down your major selections.

Celia Wright, Public Health (minor in Spanish & International Studies), Ohio State Class of 2015


Genevieve Zanin.jpg

Relax! I know it's stressful to come in undecided but trust me it's a blessing in disguise. Enjoy your college years and the freedom that it gives you to discover what you will study that makes you happiest. Remember that it's okay (and welcomed) to ask questions and ask for help. When you start getting excited about a class you'll know what you're passion is!

Genevieve Zanin, Aviation, Ohio State Class of 2013



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