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Declaring a Major or Pre-Major

Once you have decided on a major, you will then need to declare either the major or pre-major with the appropriate school or college.  Majors and pre-majors are not declared in EXP, instead please see below:

How to Declare

Students interested in one of the architecture majors should make an appointment with an Architecture advisor:

Arts and Sciences

Students that are interested in one of the Arts and Sciences majors should visit Arts and Sciences Advising in 100 Denney Hall to declare the major. Please note, most Arts and Sciences advisors are housed in the department offering the major and you can find more specific details at


Students need to have a 3.0 cumulative Ohio State GPA in at least 12 hours of work with a C or better in English 1110  and in either Math 1131 or 1151​.  Applications are available at three times per year:​.

Dental Hygiene

Students interested in Dental Hygiene should contact an advisor from the Dental Hygiene program:

Education and Human Ecology

Students attend an information session.  Sign up in advance at:​.


Students need a 2.5 minimum GPA, a C- or better in Math 1151, and a C- or better in Chem 1210 or Physics 1250 to declare the pre-major; major programs are more competitive and many require a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher. To declare the pre-major, students should make an appointment with an advisor in their intended area of engineering: www.advising.​​​


Interested students need to have a 2.0 GPA and must make an appointment with an FAES or ENR advisor: 614-292-6891.

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Students need to have a 2.5 GPA and must attend a major information session to switch in to one of the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences pre-majors. You can register for a major info session by visiting


Students interested in Nursing must have a 3.2 cumulative Ohio State GPA and complete a major information session to declare the pre-major.  Information sessions can be found at:  EXP Honors students must declare pre-nursing in the College of Nursing before the end of the first week of Spring Semester.


Students cannot declare the pre-major after being admitted to Ohio State. To declare the major, go to:​ ​

Public Affairs

Interested students need to make an appointment with an advisor by calling 614-292-8696.

Public Health

Students interested in Public Health need to make an appointment with an advisor: 614-292-8530.

Social Work

​To move to the pre-major, contact an advisor.  Applications to the major are accepted on a rolling basis from November-March for the following fall.

Why declare a pre-major when I could stay in EXP?

As a pre-major, you will:

  • Be advised by an advisor who is a specialist in your area of interest
  • Be enrolled in your degree-granting unit (i.e., the college that houses your major)
  • Be one step closer toward declaring your major
  • Meet prerequisite requirements for some courses
  • Move out of EXP before you run out of time in our unit