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If you are wondering how you will narrow 200 majors into one, narrowing your options down into one or two meta-majors is a good place to start.  In Exploration, we concentrate on six broad areas where majors share similarities.  It is also important to note that no one college or school contains all the majors at Ohio State that are in a particular field of study. 

Read the descriptions below and when you find one (or more) that speaks to you, open the file which reviews Ohio State majors that fit within the broader field of study, then meet with an advisor for additional assistance as needed.  If you feel like you are interested in three or more of these fields, open them all, but also schedule to meet with an Exploration advisor who can help you see where your interests across fields can intersect into an ideal fit major.

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   Arts, Innovation, and Design 

Do you enjoy design and having creative control of your work? Are you interested in increasing awareness of the arts?  Majors in the arts explore performance and/or production of various art forms as well as theory, history and the impact of art on society.  This field of study is a great fit for students who like to create art and also for those who enjoy and value art.

Sample Curriculum: Arts, Innovation & Design  



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Health and Human Services

Are you interested in science and helping people become healthier and well in all areas of their lives? Are you fascinated by the healthcare industry on all levels? Ohio State offers undergraduate licensure and certification majors in the healthcare field. University Exploration advisors also help students select undergraduate majors that do not lead to licensure, but instead these majors have the potential to lead to a post-baccalaureate health degree.

Sample Curriculum: Health & Human Services



Do you love learning about people, society, culture and how they intertwine? Are you interested in communication & relationships? This area includes majors in the Humanities and Social Sciences that are great opportunities for students who love learning about people, cultures and relationships.

Sample Curriculum: Behavior, Culture  & Context


Management and Industry

Are you interested in managing and leading people, looking at data and numbers, analyzing or persuading consumers?  This area refers to business related majors, which are available in many different colleges at Ohio State.  We have over 20 ways to pursue a business related major and your choice will depend on what your specific interests and skills are.

Sample Curriculum: Management & Industry







Education and Public Service

Do you enjoy teaching, training and educating others? Are you interested in working directly with people from a leadership position? Ohio State offers education licensure programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level in a variety of subject areas as well as majors which open up career opportunities in a variety of work settings.

Sample Curriculum: Education & Public Service




Science, Technology, and Environment

Do you enjoy investigating how and why things work? Are you interested in how science is applied to everything in our lives?  Majors within the Science, Technology and Environment field of study can be applied or theoretical.  Majors in these areas often have a strong math and natural science core, which will require students to take several math and natural science courses as prerequisites to major coursework.  

Sample Curriculum: STEM with math placement N

Sample Curriculum: STEM with math placement M or higher