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Getting Started Basics

1. Set up your Ohio State email and check it regularly.

Email is the primary form of communication between business offices and the student.  Important financial aid information and information about orientation and housing will all be communicated via email:

2. Visit the University Orientation website 

​This website will help you make sure you are not missing vital information regarding the orientation schedule and registering for a session:

3. Take Any Necessary Placement Assessments​

Most students need to take an assessment to determine what level of language, English and mathematics they are eligible to take once they begin their college career.  While most students will take English and Foreign language tests on campus at orientation, nearly everyone takes their math placement test online by following the instructions found at this link.  It is important to remember as you take these assessments that they are designed to help you determine what level of course you are prepared for based on your prior knowledge.  The math placement is not designed to "get you out of" taking math.  It is important to take the assessment seriously and with the knowledge that you actually have (no guessing)  as placing into too high of a math course may result in a very difficult first semester at Ohio State. 

Take Placement Tests

4. Understand Earned Credit: Advanced Placement/ International Baccalaureate/Post-Secondary Educational Opportunity

College Credit While In High School-PSEO
If you have completed college courses while in high school, request that an official transcript of your course work be sent from your previous college to:

The Ohio State University Undergraduate Admissions

P.O. Box 182646

Columbus, OH 43218-2646

The course work will be evaluated and posted online at:

If you have received a Transfer Credit Report, bring it with you to Orientation. You should also bring a copy of your college grade report in case your official transcript hasn't been evaluated by the time you attend Orientation.

AP  or IB Credit

Ohio State awards credit for scores of 3 or higher on AP and for a 4 or more on higher level IB exams. Be sure to have an official copy of your scores sent directly to Ohio State, as credit cannot be awarded without an official copy.

To request an official copy of your scores, call the AP Office at 1-888-CALL4AP or the IB Office at (301) 202-3000.

5. Complete your Financial Responsibility Statement on your Student Center.

Before a student can register each term, they must complete an online Financial Responsibility Statement in their SIS Student Center.  Advisors cannot remove the lock, but once a student completes the statement the lock automatically comes off their record.  This statement is required of all students even if they are using financial aid to pay or if someone is paying for them.  Your orientation session will run more smoothly if you take care of this step in advance.

6. Decide on Health Insurance.

All students at Ohio State are required to carry health insurance.  You can use a family plan or opt in to Student Health Insurance:  Students who do not wish to use Student Health Insurance must waive the insurance by providing their alternate health insurance information:  Make sure you waive the coverage before the deadlines to avoid being charged for Student Health Insurance if you do not need it.

7. Transfer Credit Evaluation

When students transfer to The Ohio State University, oftentimes one of the most important questions is how credit from a prior institution will count toward a degree. We recognize that the outcome of this transfer credit evaluation can, in some cases, impact your decision to transfer. Below we have outlined the various parts of the process and what exactly you need to know to be a well informed student.

Initial Transfer Credit Evaluation by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions

When a student applies to transfer to Ohio State, his or her transcript from any previous institution attended is evaluated by the admissions office. Upon completion of the evaluation, the admissions office will produce your transfer credit report and notify you that the report has been created via e-mail. You can access this report at Buckeyelink: It is listed under the "Enrollment and Academic History" section. Each course is evaluated independently and is assigned to a specific category. There are a total of four different categories: direct equivalency, general, special and technical.

Examples of Transfer Credit Categories

Direct Equivalency: This is awarded when you take a specific course at another institution and upon evaluation, it is determined to be the same as or very similar to a course offered here at Ohio State. For example, if a student takes Psychology 1100 at Columbus State Community College, that will transfer to OSU as Psychology 1100 because we offer the same type of Intro to Psychology course. No additional evaluation is required.

General:  This is awarded when a student takes a course at another institution and our admissions office could not determine if there is an equivalent course at Ohio State or they could not determine if the course content is similar enough to award direct equivalency. For example, a student may take a course called Calculus I at another institution and when it is evaluated, the student is awarded general credit for this course. In this instance, the student is awarded credit for the time spent taking the course but not the specific content. It is possible to have general credit evaluated even further to specifically determine if the content of this course matches the content of a course offered here.

Special: This is typically awarded when there is no specific equivalent course. For example, a student may take the History of Massachusetts at an institution in Massachusetts, and special credit is awarded for this course because Ohio State does not offer this course. However, similar to general credit, it may be possible to have this type of credit evaluated even further.

Technical: This is awarded for very specific courses, traditionally completed through a degree program from a previous institution. For example, a student may have completed a Registered Nurse program/Associate level degree at his or her previous institution and technical credit is awarded for some of the nursing courses. If a student decides to pursue a related or similar degree program at Ohio State, he or she can speak with an advisor in that program about how this technical credit might be used, if at all.

If you have received general, special or technical credit and would like to seek additional evaluation to determine if there is an equivalent course offered at Ohio State, you may do so by contacting the transfer credit coordinator in the appropriate academic department. Each academic department has at least one staff or faculty member responsible for completing these evaluations. You may find their contact information plus additional instructions at this website: For most evaluations, you will be expected to provide a course syllabus and a copy of your transfer credit report.

We generally recommend that you seek additional evaluation if the course is related to one of the following categories:
  • Mathematics **May serve as a prerequisite to other courses, strongly recommend evaluation**

  • Writing **May serve as a prerequisite to other courses, strongly recommend evaluation**

  • Natural Science (Biological or Physical) **May serve as a prerequisite to other courses**

  • Foreign Language **May serve as a prerequisite to other foreign language courses**

  • Social Science

  • Visual & Performing Art

  • Literature

  • Historical Study

  • Cultural/Diversity

  • Related to your intended major

This link will take you to an instructional video on how to get your transfer credit evaluated.​

You should get any general credit evaluated before orientation if at all possible.  An advisor can assist you in prioritizing which credits to have evaluated first if you have questions.  Call 614-292-0646 to schedule an appointment.

How Can I Prepare for Orientation?

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