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Ohio State offers a variety of support services for military and veteran students through our Office of Military and Veteran Services (OMVS).  University Exploration partners with the OMVS to provide advising throughout the year at the Office of Military and Veteran Service in addition to the advising available in our office.  We work closely with the OMVS to assist our military and veteran students in understanding transfer credits and navigating the university and the over 200 majors Ohio State offers.  In addition to University Exploration advising, there are many other offices that partner with the OMVS including the Dennis Learning Center, the Office of Disability Services, Student Advocacy, and Counseling and Consultation Services.  We also have a full time VA representative at the OMVS to assist military and veteran students with any issues pertaining to VA services as well as helping students access resources to achieve academic success.  The OMVS should be the first point of contact for all military and veteran students regardless of whether or not you are currently using military benefits.

In addition to these services, Ohio State has a very active military and veteran student organization Vets 4 Vets.  This student organization is responsible for the creation of a military and veteran student lounge located in the Smith Lab Building.  They provide mentoring for new students, engage in community service throughout Columbus and also social opportunities for military and veteran students and their families.


Understanding your transfer credit

University Exploration advisors are here to assist you with understanding how your credits will transfer to Ohio State.  Transfer credits are evaluated by faculty in the appropriate department based on the similarity of the content to classes offered here at OSU.  It is sometimes difficult to determine if and how technical training and military coursework will be applicable to an undergraduate degree.  It is important to keep any syllabi and information about course or training content so our faculty can make an informed decision about military credit.  If you are taking classes from a college or university, you should check the USelect website to see if the class has already been evaluated for transfer credit to Ohio State. You may also find the American Council on Education's College Credit for Military Service Guide helpful as well:






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