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University Exploration Advising:

Serving you in the Autumn 2023 Semester

Autumn Semester Scheduling


If you want to make some progress on your own (or before joining our Zoom express hours), here are some useful resources for you to make progress on your scheduling on your own, too. 

  • Here are instructions on how to use the Degree Audit tool (which can help you see what you have completed and not-yet-completed for any major at Ohio State) 
  • and the Schedule Planner tool which can help you with your Autumn scheduling adjustments.

***Important information for current Ohio State students interested in the following majors: 

  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • Computer & Information Science (CIS)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

In order to be able to apply to one of these five majors, a student must declare the associated premajor in time for the Autumn 2023 semester. Current Ohio State students who are not in the premajor by Autumn 2023 will not have access to these majors due to changes decided upon by the College of Engineering. The CIS premajor can be declared by arranging an advising appointment by calling 614-292-6961 or emailing

For details on declaring a premajor in the College of Engineering, please read on...

Starting with the application cycle to pre-Engineering over Summer 2023 (May 15 – Aug 25), the criteria will be lowered. Starting with Summer 2023, a student can apply to pre-Engineering and be eligible if by the end of the term of their application, they will meet these criteria:

  • 2.0 OSU GPA in at least 12 graded OSU hours AND have MATH 1151 completed, or be ready to take MATH 1151 in your first term in the pre-major
    • Note: in order to take MATH 1151, a student should have MATH 1148 & 1149 completed OR have MATH 1150 completed OR have math placement score "L"

    ur front desk
    • Not sure of your next step? You can always contact our virtual front desk at 614-292-0646 or our actual front desk at 352 Denney Hall. Front desk hours are 8 am - 5 pm, M - F.

    Scheduling an appointment

      • Schedule via Oncourse: Current EXP students can make virtual advising appointments via OnCourse.
      • OR schedule an appointment by calling our virtual front desk.
      • University Exploration offers remote virtual appointments using Zoom and in-person appointments.

    Other Campus Resources:

    • For any questions about Financial Aid or your balance with the University, please contact Buckeye Link by phone (614-292-0300) or email
    • For any questions about University Housing, email
    • To register for or access accommodations, contact Student Life Disability Services (website).
    • To access counseling sessions at no extra cost, visit our Counseling & Consultation Service site.
    • For information related to campus public health (covid, etc.), visit the University's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes site.


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    164 Annie & John Glenn Avenue - Columbus, OH 43210

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