Current Ohio State students

Students studying in the Ohio Union

Welcome to Exploration!

University Exploration provides primary academic advising and support for current Ohio State students who are considering a change from their current major. For some students, moving into Exploration for a term or two is a good route. This is the case when:

  • A student knows what major they want to move into but does not yet meet the criteria to move directly into it.
  • A student is not yet sure what undergraduate major they want to pursue.

Visit About University Exploration to learn more about our team.

Want to switch into University Exploration?

University Exploration advising can help you navigate your options, choose which majors would be good targets based on your interests and goals and keep you on track to complete your degree with our class scheduling recommendations. 

Complete this Qualtrics form to make your official request to move into Exploration while you determine your next steps. This form will also allow you to to request an appointment with a University Exploration advisor.

Note for international students: students with F-1 or J-1 visas cannot move into University Exploration but are welcome to schedule appointments with our advisors.

Ready for some self-guided major exploration?

Visit the "Exploring" section of our website, which is filled with ideas, tools and starting points for exploring yourself, exploring majors and more.

A class to consider

EXP 2000 is a 1 credit-hour class designed to support students who are considering changing their major. Graded A-E, it is taught by Exploration advisors.

Aiming to graduate as quickly as possible?

Review this resource, which will inform you about the majors at Ohio State with the fewest required major hours and will point out the levels of math, science and world languages required.