Academic probation

Undergraduate students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 at the time of graduation. When an Exploration student falls below this threshold or trends toward doing so, they are placed on academic probation and provided with supplemental resources.

At the end of each term in University Exploration, students below a 2.0 GPA are placed on academic probation.

Additionally, students with a cumulative GPA above a 2.0 but with a term GPA below a 2.0 are also placed on academic probation. This is considered "academic probation via special action," meaning the college academic unit has placed the student on probation using its own guideline.

Academic probation conditions

When a student on academic probation continues enrollment after being placed on probation, they must meet the following conditions if continuing at Ohio State.

  1. Achieve a minimum term GPA of 2.3 (C+ average) in the next term of enrollment. 
  2. Enroll in no more than 15 credit hours per term. 
  3. Complete University Exploration’s Academic Success Workshop. Note: Link available in initial academic probation email.
  4. Arrange for no marks of “I” (Incomplete). If you do have an "I" after final grades are due, we will treat the "I" the lapse grade for the Incomplete 
  5. Schedule classes that match a realistic plan for a degree.

Academic probation workshop

This workshop, which is required for Exploration students on academic probation, provides students the opportunity to reflect on what obstacles, circumstances and habits contributed to earning a lower GPA, and connects students to resources and services at Ohio State that can help them overcome and remove any obstacles.

Students who continue on probation for another term are asked to complete a shorter workshop for continuing academic probation students, which places more of an emphasis on students’ degree plans.

Getting off of academic probation

Once a student completes a term with both cumulative and term GPAs at 2.0 or higher, they are removed from academic probation.