New first year students

Students on the oval

Welcome to Exploration

University Exploration provides primary academic advising and support for new first-year students admitted to Ohio State's Columbus campus who are still deciding on a major or gaining entry to their college.

Visit About University Exploration to learn more about our advising team.


Register for orientation

Once you are admitted to Ohio State and have paid your acceptance fee, you should register for orientation. We will schedule an academic advising appointment during your orientation session in which you and an Exploration advisor will create your first-term academic schedule. Note: All first-term class schedule changes need to be made through an advisor.

Buckeye Bound

Admitted students are invited to attend a Buckeye Bound event, which is a great opportunity to visit and tour campus, learn about opportunities at Ohio State and check in with your college -- if you are starting in Exploration, that's us!

Learning Community

The Exploration Living-Learning Community is a community for exploring academic major possibilities, Ohio State, Columbus and more. Interested? We encourage you to apply and take advantage of the early arrival experience, extra advising opportunities and a variety of fun and educational programming throughout the academic year. To learn more, visit Exploration Living-Learning Community. (Applications for new first-year students starting at Ohio State in Autumn 2024 are due April 15, 2024.)

Honors students

Our Exploration advising team includes specialists who will help you navigate your options for majors while keeping you on track to fulfill your University Honors Program contract requirements. 

Student athletes

Our team includes advisors who specialize in the challenges of being a student athlete at Ohio State, including navigating practice schedules and NCAA eligibility. Exploration advisors will help you navigate your options for majors while coordinating with Student Athlete Support Services.

International students

University Exploration advising cannot move students with F-1 or J-1 Visa statuses into our unit. However, we are happy to meet to discuss goals and options.

Your first semester 

EXP 1100.01 survey course

All Ohio State students take a survey course in their first term as a Buckeye. EXP 1100.01 is interchangeable with the survey courses required in other majors, so you'll have this requirement met when you declare your major. In addition to providing an overview of the university, EXP 1100.01 helps you begin exploring potential majors at Ohio State.

EXP 1100.01 is a 1 credit hour class taught by your assigned Exploration advisor. It is graded A-E. It's a great opportunity for you to earn a strong grade simply by doing what would want to do anyway: become a well-informed Ohio State student who is confident navigating the university and all it has to offer.

EXP peer mentors

In your EXP 1100.01 class, you will have the opportunity to hear from and be paired with an EXP peer mentor. Mentors are students who started with University Exploration and are now in their second, third or fourth year at Ohio State. Our peer mentors aim to provide you with valuable advice, encouragement and connection.