New transfer students

Students walking across the oval

Welcome to Exploration!

University Exploration provides primary academic advising and support for new transfer students who are admitted to Ohio State's Columbus campus and for whom at least one of the following is true:

  • "I applied to Ohio State with a specific major in mind but was routed to University Exploration because I did not meet direct enrollment criteria for transfer applicants for that major at the time I applied."
  • "I am not quite sure what undergraduate major I want to pursue at Ohio State."

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Register for orientation

Once you are admitted and have paid your acceptance fee, you should register for an orientation program. We will schedule an appointment during your orientation program in which you and an Exploration advisor will create your first-term academic schedule. Note: All class schedule changes for your first term at Ohio State will need to be made through an advisor.

You are welcome to make an appointment with Exploration prior to orientation but you will not be able to schedule classes until your advising appointment is scheduled in conjunction with your orientation.

Your first semester 

EXP 1100.02 survey course

All Ohio State students take a survey course in their first term as a Buckeye. Our EXP 1100.02 is interchangeable with survey courses required in other majors, so you'll have this requirement covered when you declare your major. In addition to providing an overview of the university, EXP 1100.02 helps you begin exploring potential majors at Ohio State.

EXP 1100.02 is a 1 credit-hour asynchronous online class taught by your assigned Exploration advisor. It is graded A-E. It's a great opportunity for you to earn a strong grade simply by doing what you would want to do anyway: become a well-informed Ohio State student who is confident navigating the university and all it has to offer.