Applied to a major but starting in Exploration?

One way students may University Exploration is by gaining admission to Ohio State but not yet meeting the direct enrollment criteria for the specific major they applied to.

Eight programs at Ohio State have direct enrollment criteria for transfer student applicants. They are: Knowlton School of Architecture, Fisher College of Business, Dental Hygiene major, College of Engineering, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy and College of Public Health.

Here you can find Ohio State’s direct enrollment criteria for transfer students.

If you didn't meet direct enrollment criteria at the time of application but might before the your first term starts, inform your advisor at your orientation appointment. Exploration may be able to work your intended unit to help you begin your Ohio State career there.

Welcome to Exploration

Learn what you need to accomplish

Once you become an Ohio State student, the criteria for reaching your plan A major may change. Link: find the criteria for reaching your planned major or premajor.

Your EXP timeline

To ensure that you are continually making progress toward an Ohio State degree, you are limited to two semesters in Exploration before moving to a major or premajor. You may request an extension to your EXP timeline but such requests are denied when a student is not on track to meet the criteria for their plan A major.

Be open to alternative majors

Exploration can help you learn about and consider other majors that might help you meet your long-term goals without barriers to entry. A willingness to evaluate alternative major options is a sound approach for any student pursuing a competitive major. Exploration advisors will work with you to choose your best fit and help you take steps toward earning your degree. Link: see Ohio State majors organized by area of focus and criteria to enter.

We're here to help!

Exploration advisors are happy to help you determine your best next steps. If you would like to meet with an advisor, call 614-292-0646. Note: scheduling classes for your first term at Ohio State will occur as a part of your orientation program.