About Exploration

About Exploration

Welcome to University Exploration advising

University Exploration is the advising unit for for about 2,000 undergraduate students on the Columbus Campus who have not yet declared a major or premajor. The Exploration team is knowledgeable about all majors at Ohio State and helps students find and navigate their path. 

Exploration advisors want to get to know you in order to best advise you. One of the best ways to do that is with one-on-one appointments. We strongly recommend meeting with your advisor at least once per semester.

Strategic scheduling

Ohio State has a General Education Curriculum that gives students a broad foundation across many disciplines. These courses can constitute about half of your degree hours, and Exploration advisors are skilled at helping you meet degree requirements, explore major interests and choose prerequisites needed for majors you may be considering.

Semester reviews

Each semester, your EXP advisor will proactively check your progress and send you an email reviewing your academic performance and future schedule choices to help you select a major and stay on track for timely graduation.​