Scheduling tools and tips

Current students

Make note of your Autumn 2024 enrollment appointment

  • On the right side of your My Buckeye Link page, click on "Details" to see the date and time your scheduling window opens.
  • This is not an actual appointment but rather the time when your scheduling capability for Autumn 2024 begins.

Reflect: what is my overall goal major-wise?

  • (For some, this may also involve a second major, a minor and/or a pre-Health professions plan.)
  • If you have a major in mind, make sure you are on track (GPA, prerequisites, etc.) for it before scheduling. See Majors by criteria to enter.
  • If you are not on track for the major you initially had in mind OR if you are searching for the right fit: this is where your University Exploration advisors are uniquely qualified to help!

Determine which classes you want to aim for next term

  • Run a Degree Audit (instructions and link) for the major you're planning toward to see which classes you have yet to complete.
  • Consider taking any elective courses that interest you. Perhaps a physical activity class from the "Kinesiology: Sport, Fitness and Health Promotion" course subject heading, a music for non-majors class or a study skills class from the Dennis Learning Center (found under the "Educ Studies: Educational Psychology" course subject heading).

Plan and schedule your classes

  • Schedule Planner is a great tool to use for planning your schedule. Even before your enrollment appointment begins, you can make a list of the classes you think you want to take and see how they fit together. You can also play with breaks on Schedule Planner to help you try to fit your classes around your other responsibilities.
    • So plan your classes in Schedule Planner and then when your enrollment appointment opens, send the schedule you made in Schedule Planner to your Course Enrollment page to finalize your new schedule.
  • Here is a guide for using Scheduling Planner and here is a link to Schedule Planner.

... and the bottom line: learn as much as you can using the resources above as you prepare to schedule, but also know that University Exploration students who could use some guidance can work with their advisor via email or appointment!

New to Ohio State

First-term students cannot schedule classes on their own -- all scheduling must be completed with an advisors, which happens at Orientation. For details, see New to Exploration.