Researching dropping below full-time

If considering dropping a class and you would have fewer than 12 remaining credit hours post-drop, check with these offices first (if applicable to you)

  • Note: students using military benefits should always check with Mil-Vet Services and student-athletes should always check with SASSO before dropping, even if remaining full-time.

Check with Buckeye Link if you are using Financial Aid

  • Call 614-292-0300 or email at or visit them on the first floor of the SAS Building
  • Website:
  • Why? Dropping courses, especially dropping below full-time (12 credits) or below half-time (6 credits) could impact financial aid awards, including loans, grants, scholarships, eligibility for future aid, etc. The timing of the drops factors, too. Contact Buckeye Link for any drop below 12 hours.

Check with University Housing if living in a residence hall

  • Call 614-292-8266 or email
  • Website:
  • Why? If you live in a residence hall and drop below full-time (less than 12 credit hours) your contract may be impacted.

Student Health Insurance

  • Call 614-688-7979 if using OSU's student health insurance
  • Website:
  • Why? Some health insurance plans may require a certain number of credit hours or full-time enrollment. Contact the OSU Student Health Insurance Office or your private plan.

Military & Veteran Services

  • Call 614-247-8387 or email
  • Website:
  • Why? Benefits for students using military benefits including New G.I. Bill benefits may be impacted. Contact the Office for Military and Veterans Services to discuss your decision and possible impacts.

University Employees & their Dependents

  • Call 614-292-1050
  • Website:
  • Why? Tuition assistance for OSU employees and/or their dependents may be impacted. Contact OSU Human Resources or your benefits administration to discuss possible impacts.

International Students

  • Call 614-292-6101
  • Website:
  • Why? International students who are in the U.S. on a visa MUST contact the Office of International Affairs before dropping courses.

Student Athletes

  • Call SASSO at 614-292-7088
  • Why? After Week 1 of a course, student athletes MUST complete a SASSO Drop Form for ANY course drop, even if remaining full-time.

Student Involvement & Employment

  • Certain campus involvement and employment, including Greek life, Resident Advisor positions and club sports require students to be enrolled full-time or complete a certain number of credits to be eligible. Contact the relevant organization to find out whether your proposed drop/withdrawal will affect your eligibility.