Research and request a class drop

Current University Exploration students seeking to drop a class within the University's drop deadlines can use this form to request their drop . In the process, students will be asked to research any potential consequences on financial aid, housing contract, etc. for their drop. Students seeking to drop a class after the drop deadline may consult our guidelines on Petitions to University Exploration.

Please note: drop requests from students outside University Exploration and requests after the University deadline will not be processed.
Please note: the drop deadlines for Spring 2024 full semester and Session 2 classes have passed. After University deadlines, classes can only be dropped by way of an approved Registration Petition (see: Petitions to University Exploration)

Grade forgiveness

Students can file a Grade Forgiveness petition and with permission from their college, repeat a course they have already taken. Both grades will remain on the transcript and will be counted in calculating grade-point average. Only the credit hours for one attempt will be counted toward the total hours required for your degree.

Student financial aid 

The 2023-24 Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal form can be used by students who do not currently meet SAP standards. Note: students who submit a SAP appeal do not learn whether an appeal is successful until after the 100% refund period in the semester so students who submit this form need to have alternative means to pay for their academic term.

A consortium agreement form can be used to combine Ohio State courses with course(s) from another institution and be able to use one's Ohio State Financial Aid package on both. Note: Consortium Agreements are only appropriate and possible in very specific situations. Please consult with Buckeye Link as a first step in researching the possibility of a consortium agreement.