EXP timeline

The EXP timeline includes the number of semesters in which you can be in Exploration and schedule courses for the subsequent semester. Summer term does not count against the timeline.

University Exploration tracks how many semesters you have remaining on your EXP timeline and updates you by email after each semester.

Why we limit time in EXP

University Exploration students are encourage to explore majors of interest to make informed decisions regarding major and career goals, steadily progressing toward their eventual Ohio State degree.

The sooner you declare a major, the sooner you will get major- and program-specific advising, make connections with faculty, and begin exploring academic and internship opportunities. Students who declare a major by the end of their second year of college increase their likelihood of graduating on time.

How long is my EXP timeline?

Students are given a limited number of semesters to explore majors and move to a degree-granting unit based on their status. Summer term does not count against the timeline.

EXP Timeline by student type
Student type EXP timeline
New first-semester freshmen 4 semesters
New first-semester freshmen honors students or student-athletes 3 semesters
Regional campus change, transfer or major change students 2 semesters