Exploring goals beyond Ohio State

We hope that your major provides two things: a great experience and a stepping stone into a life after Ohio State in which you find fulfillment, challenges and the opportunity to share your talents with the world. Here are some resources to help you explore your path:


If you're a current student at Ohio State, you should be on Handshake!

Use this university-wide system to search and apply for part-time jobs, internships, co-ops and full-time career opportunities. Thousands of jobs, internship and career opportunities are posted in Handshake as well as information on upcoming career fairs and on-campus recruiting events. 

Buckeye Careers

Buckeye Careers is an university-wide initiative designed to support students throughout their professional development, with a focus on connecting them with local, national and global organizations. Their annual list of Ohio State's career and internship fairs is a must-bookmark link!

What Can I Do With This Major? 

  • Access via Focus 2 Career > scroll down to "What can I do with a major in ... Offered at The Ohio State University?"

This resource details the typical industries, career areas and employers associated with each major and covers strategies aimed at helping you land the opportunities you are seeking after graduation.

"Paths in Progress" podcast

Hosted by Carrie Young, a longtime academic advisor at the University of Houston, this podcast's description reads:

"On this podcast, we tell the stories of people in a wide variety of career paths, who pursued all kinds of college majors and minors, often with bumps and detours along the way, to get to where they are today. We talk specifically about what you can do in college to work toward your career goals, and what other factors can impact your choices throughout your education and career. Life happens, plans change, and YOU change! It will be ok, and you will find your path. We hope these stories are encouraging and help give you new ideas as you take the next steps on your own path. Learn from our stories, which like yours, are each a Path In Progress."

Professional school

Medicine, law, pharmacy and dentistry are examples of professional schools. Completion of their academic and experiential requirements allow graduates to practice in the profession.

At Ohio State  “Pre-Med,” “Pre-Law” and other designations are not majors but academic plans. Law school does not require any specific undergraduate major or course work. Health-related professional programs typically do require prerequisite course work. Your advisor and the pre-professional school websites can make you aware of these prerequisites. 

Graduate school

Graduate programs provide an advanced education in a particular academic field or discipline. In some disciplines, it is common for graduate students to earn a teaching, research or staff assistantship that covers some or all of the cost of attendance. Some graduate programs require that applicants have a specific undergraduate degree. If you are considering graduate school, chat with faculty members in the relevant department.