New campus change students

Students walking and talking on campus

Welcome to Exploration!

University Exploration provides primary academic advising and support for campus change students who have completed their Campus Change Request on their regional campus, had it approved and for whom at least one of the following are true:

  • "I was routed to University Exploration because I did not meet the criteria to move directly into the college offering my planned undergraduate major."
  • "I am not quite sure what undergraduate major I want to pursue at Ohio State."

Visit About University Exploration to learn more about our team.


Advising appointments 

Campus change students are not required to meet with Exploration before coming to the Columbus campus but are welcome to make an appointment with an EXP advisor to discuss academic goals and review scheduled classes.

Your first semester 

EXP 2000 option

EXP 2000 is an optional 1 credit-hour class meant to support campus change students transition to the Columbus campus. Graded A-E, it is taught by Exploration advisors and strongly recommended!