Shortest time-to-degree majors for redeciding students

This list is intended for use by students who have already accumulated a significant number of credit hours and are re-deciding on a major.

"What major will get me done the fastest?!"

Students ask us University Exploration advisors this question frequently. Of course, the answer depends on a great deal of factors: what type of coursework the student has taken before?, what is their GPA?, what are their interests?, etc.

But speaking generally, the major listed below are the majors at Ohio State that require the fewest credit hours to complete.

As you note the number of credit hours next to each major below, please keep in mind that these numbers are not official. Students should always consult the advisor for the major they are interested in. The number of credits listed below may not include certain Gen Ed, prerequisite or College requirements.

What is a "short major"?

We've listed majors with 60 or fewer required hours. For a sense of what a "longer" major looks like in terms of credit hours, here are a few examples:

  • Civil Engineering requires approximately 87 hours for its major.
  • Including premajor requirements, Middle Childhood Education requires at least 95 hours for its major.
  • The Radiation Therapy major requires 72 hours + at least 30 hours of prerequisite coursework beyond GEN requirements.

Besides credit hours, what can make a major take longer to complete?

We've attempted to give you a sense of the amount of math, chemistry, physics and world languages that are required for a given major, as redeciding students who have not already completed these requirements may not consider these majors to be relatively short.

Note for Legacy GE students

Students who are on the Legacy GE may find slightly different curricular requirements from those listed below.

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