Academic dismissal and reinstatement

After grades are posted each term, University Exploration reviews the progress of students on academic probation. Students who do not meet the conditions of their academic probation are eligible for academic dismissal.

Students who do not meet the terms of their academic probation are not automatically dismissed.

University Exploration reviews each case to determine whether the student should be dismissed or allowed another opportunity to meet probation conditions. One factor that can benefit students when they are being considered for dismissal: if the student has developed a new intended major plan that involves fewer classes of the type they've struggled in and more of the type they can flourish in.

Academic dismissal is not a punishment.

It is a determination that current performance is not aiming a student toward an Ohio State degree and that continuing at Ohio State without taking pause to reevaluate academic path and approach is likely to damage the academic record further.

Coming back to Ohio State after academic dismissal

Students who have been academically dismissed from the university must petition to return. Strong cases for reinstatement typically include two things: 1) strong grades from classes taken at another institution, often a community college, after the dismissal, 2) a plan for pursuing an achievable major of interest upon returning to Ohio State.

For more information, go to Ohio State advising's page on reinstatement.