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Business-Related Majors Outside of Fisher
College of Food, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (FAES)
A wide variety of majors are offered under the FAES umbrella. This college has a distinct focus on active, hands-on learning and student-faculty interaction, with a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. The internships, research opportunities and other experiential learning required of FAES students are all reasons why 92% of FAES grads find a job or grad school placement within 6 months of graduating.

  • Agribusiness & Applied Economics
  • Food Business Management
  • Agricultural Systems Management
  • Construction Systems Management

School of Communication in the College of Arts & Sciences
Business is all about communication. Consider, for example:
… communication between a business and its potential customers (mass communication),
… communication between worker and co-worker (interpersonal communication),
… communication between management and employees (organizational communication),
… communicating in a world of evolving technology (communication technology), and
… communicating reasons to purchase a particular good or service (persuasive communication).
The examination of each of these aspects of human communication and how they can be put to use in the business world occurs in the School of Communication which offers these specializations:

  • Communication Analysis & Practices
  • Communication Technology
  • Strategic Communication

College of Education & Human Ecology (EHE)
The majors in EHE helps students develop practical, specific skills related to business. While developing these skills, students will keep in mind the pervading philosophy of EHE, which is How can I use these skills to better help the people I work with and to help the people my organization is serving?

  • Consumer & Family Financial Services
  • Fashion & Retail Studies
  • Hospitality Management
  • Nutrition in Industry
  • Sport Industry
  • Technical Education & Training
  1. Business Education licensure track
  2. Career & Technical Education track

More major ideas:
Economics: College of Arts and Sciences – Not to be confused with the specialization offered in the College of Business, this major focuses purely on economics. The demand for economics majors is strong in the private sector and in government.

International Studies, World Economy & Business – Major stresses global economic development and the historical and political background of our current economic state.

Public Affairs – Learn how to put an organization to work to improve your community. Students can specialize in the management of non-profit organizations.