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Tips for a Successful Transfer

​In order to have the most successful and smoothest transition process, we recommend that you do following:

    • Keep copies of your course syllabi for your current classes
    • Determine if your intended major is competitive or not competitive
    • Become familiar with the admission criteria for your intended major(s)
    • Determine at what point you can begin taking coursework in your intended major
    • Review your transfer credit report as soon as it becomes available
        • Contact an academic advisor if you have questions about your transfer credit report
    • If you have decided to wait to transfer, ensure that you are taking courses which will transfer as direct equivalencies by using the Transferology website: or by contacting a transfer credit coordinator:
    • Complete secondary transfer credit evaluations (general, special and technical credit) with the appropriate academic departments, if necessary
    • Pay your acceptance fee to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    • Schedule your orientation as soon as you have paid your acceptance fee
    • Check your applicant and Ohio State e-mail accounts regularly
    • Maintain frequent contact with your academic advisor